Re: ASCII Mail

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 03/21/99

> As for adding in the ability to mail objects, there is a patch on the
> ftp site for that:

Concerning this, the README file is erroneous. (Or was last I checked.)
And I still have yet to get off my lazy ass to fix it.  Mailing of
containers will, unfortunately, remove all contents from existence.  At
the very least, I should update the README to reflect this and offer some
suggestions for work-arounds.  I might, on the other hand, update the
patch to either (a) make mailing of containers with objects actually work
as it should, or (b) simply disallow the mailing of containers with
objects.  Suggestions?  (But I'm currently busy working on a ton of stuff,
a lot of it related to my actual career, so I might not get to anything
until next week.)


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