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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/21/99

> I found the line of code in modify.c that I think I need to add to but i
> am not sure, therefore I am asking for some input. If I were to add a
> line of code to tell the player what message he had just
> message number would I do it? how do I access the total message
> number?? Anyone already done this?
        Been on spring break for a while, so sorry if this comes a bit
late.  I'd just be lazy, add an integer value to the descriptor struct, or
something right next to the 'mail_to' variable.  I'd set it when I'm
writing, and when I return to the previous mode, i'd just read it, and
then unset it.  If it is in the descriptor data, it gets refreshed every
time, no problem just make sure to init it, i'd guess (though it really
wouldn't matter if you set it each time.)


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