Re: NEWBIE: configure problems

From: Bo Young (
Date: 03/21/99

I know this is beating a dead Horse but  I had some spare time on my hands
so I figured
I would set all the Cygnus Questions to rest, ** Hopefully ** for good    ..
This is a screen
copy of everything that transpired after installing Cygnus 20.1 on Win98 and
Circle30bpl15 to C:\circle30bpl15 directory , then running and killing
running server.
Open Cygnus command prompt and try the following:

BASH.EXE-2.02$ mkdir /bin
BASH.EXE-2.02$ mkdir /tmp
BASH.EXE-2.02$ mount c:\\tmp /tmp
BASH.EXE-2.02$ mount c:\\bin /bin
BASH.EXE-2.02$ mount
Device           Directory           Type        Flags
c:\tmp            /tmp                  native      text!=binary
\\.\tape1:        /dev/st1            native      text!=binary
\\.\tape0:        /dev/st0            native      text!=binary
\\.\b:               /dev/fd1            native      text!=binary
\\.\a:               /dev/fd0            native      text!=binary
c:\bin             /bin                   native      text!=binary
C:                  /                        native      text!=binary
BASH.EXE-2.02$ cd /
BASH.EXE-2.02$ cp bash.exe /bin
BASH.EXE-2.02$ cp sh.exe /bin
BASH.EXE-2.02$ cd /
BASH.EXE-2.02$ cd circle30bpl15
BASH.EXE-2.02$ sh ./configure
loading cache ./config.cache
checking for less... (cached) less
checking for gcc... (cached) gcc
checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) is a cross-compiler... no
****** clipped for bandwidth*******
creating src/Makefile
creating src/util/Makefile
creating src/conf.h
src/conf.h is unchanged
Configuration completed.  To compile, type:  cd src; make
BASH.EXE-2.02$ cd src
BASH.EXE-2.02$ make
make ../bin/circle
gcc -c -g -O2 -Wall  act.comm.c
****** clipped for bandwidth*******
gcc -o ../bin/circle  act.comm.o act.informative.o act.item.o act.movement.o
.offensive.o act.other.o act.wizard.o alias.o ban.o boards.o
.o class.o comm.o config.o constants.o db.o fight.o graph.o handler.o
house.o in
terpreter.o limits.o magic.o mail.o mobact.o modify.o objsave.o olc.o
random.o s
hop.o spec_assign.o spec_procs.o spell_parser.o spells.o utils.o weather.o
make utils
(cd util; make all)
****** clipped for bandwidth*******
BASH.EXE-2.02$ cd ..
BASH.EXE-2.02$ ./autorun &
[1] 1795
BASH.EXE-2.02$ telnet 4000
********* To shut down outside of the the Mud *******
BASH.EXE-2.02$ ps
   1795  -1  22:34:20 /bin/SH.EXE
   1798  -1  22:34:20 /CIRCLE30BPL15/BIN/CIRCLE.EXE
   1814  -1  22:56:49 /CYGNUS/CYGWIN-B20/H-I586-CYGWIN32/BIN/PS.EXE
   1000  -1  22:19:26 /CYGNUS/CYGWIN-B20/H-I586-CYGWIN32/BIN/BASH.EXE
BASH.EXE-2.02$ kill 1795
BASH.EXE-2.02$ kill 1798

****  Thats All Folks!  ****

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From: Jess Heinig <>
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Date: Saturday, March 20, 1999 4:21 PM
Subject: Re:  NEWBIE: configure problems

>  Hey folks, it's the dumb newbie again.
>  I finally managed to get my copy of Circle up and running locally!
> Seems that all I needed to do was "bash ./configure" instead of "sh
./configure." Boy, do I feel stupid.
> Anyhow, now I'm going to learn all the difficult ins and outs of
administrating a MUD . . . if anyone has any new advice
> (aside from "read the FAQs/archives," which I've done), I'd welcome it.
> Now I just have to get a Unix book so I can figure out how to shut it all

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