Re: Legacy code, what is the origin of this chunk? 1999 15:53:56 EST." <Pine.GSO.4.03.9903221553090.3310-100000@qsilver1>

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 03/22/99

Alex writes:
>Dead Sea?  Nope... never heard of that one.  Maybe it's a legacy from
>Copper or something?  Maybe an area in CircleMUD 1.x?  Jeremy'd be the
>one to ask on that note, as he's likely the only one with archived
>copies of 1.x

I have a very vague memory (or maybe I'm just imagining this) of
putting that line in as a joke -- there never was a function called
ROOM_IDENTITY or a constant called DEAD_SEA, I just thought it was
funny to say you don't need a boat if you're trying to walk over the
dead sea :-).

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