From: Richard Glover (
Date: 03/22/99

There has been constant debate on the use of 128bit, multi-level bitvectors,
or bitfields for flags.  I've taken a look at the bitfields and went ahead
and made a patch for it, which I sent to George and he put on Ceramic Mouse (bitfields15.patch).  You may want to give
them a try.  I've tested them on Win9x MSVCx and RedHat Linux 5.2 and they
work great.

Pros: Bitfields, in theory, will give you an unlimited amount of flags for
your room, affect, preference, etc flags.
Cons: Every time you add a new set of 32 flags (depending on the size of
your integers), it will ruin your binary pfiles.  You can get past that with
a good converter (something that I'm debugging right now and will post
    The flags have no value and cannot be used in situations like
or lists like
    int channels[] = {PRF_NOGOSS, PRF_NOAUCT}; (syntax not important here

The changes necessary are done for you against the bpl15 code and any others
are listed in the bitfields15.README file.


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From: LrdSlayer & LdyMorgan <pahrens@ZEBRA.NET>
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Date: Saturday, March 20, 1999 4:01 PM
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>can anyone tell me if a copy of bpl14 or 15 can be found with 128bit, olc,
>and ascii pfiles prepatched? I have searched everywhere I know for
>like this, but have had no luck. either a full copy of bpl14 or 15, or if
>someone knows where I can find these patches geared for one of there
>I know enuf of c for minor tinkering with patches to get them working, but
>have not had a great deal of success with major patches geared for earlier

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