save problems

From: George M Babey (gbabey@WPI.EDU)
Date: 03/23/99

I have this wierd bug that once in a while a player will end up with a
messed up pfile. actually more often then "once in a while" I just can't
seem to track it down enough to find some type of regularity. but anyways.
Ive added a few extra fields and stuff to the pfile, and usually
everything saves right, just once in a while i end up with a level 141
person with their class being "Welcome to CircleMud ..."

I know this is probably very vague and can be a number of things. But
where should i start looking? I've looked in char_to_store and
store_to_char and everything looks fine. I think its a pointer problem
somewhere, but I have no clue where the problem would lay. Any help would
be great. If you need more information, ill post some code. Im using
circlemud bpl14, buncha patches, some unique code.


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