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From: Marie Winter (
Date: 03/24/99

"Richard P. Bandura" wrote:

> Anyone have any idea how to fix the OasisOLC medit bug? I use version 1.5,
> however I've heard of MUD's with problems using every version. On the
> flipside, I've heard that some MUD's have had no problems at all. Recently,
> sedit has also picked up the prob, for some reason. It's as follows:
> You edit a new mobile or shop. After assigning all values, etc, you try to
> save internally and it crashes the mud. Every time, without fail. I once
> thought that it was the spec_procs for the mobs, as when you save a mob it
> runs through the mob index each time, but when the shop editor began
> crashing the mud as well, my idea was shot to hell. Any ideas?

Do you find you have any type of lag after you save internally? On my mud we
had this problem with medit and oedit using bpl14 and oasis1.6, it stopped
coding production on it for two months before we found the cause. We finally
rebuilt the mud from stock again only to find we had the same problem.

If you do get the lag you should check your ram usage and see if its abnormally
high and causing a core dump. If so let me know and I'll have my coder get in
touch and explain what she did to fix it. (she doesn't follow the list)

Shawnyve - Administrator
Mirrors of the Wheel - Builders/Coders familiar with Wheel of Time series
always welcome.

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