From: Richard P. Bandura (alpha4@capital.net)
Date: 03/31/99

Ok, here's a little basic background and what I'm trying to do:

Character dies, somehow. Can be PK, mobdeath, doesn't matter. Character's
eq/inv gets transferred to the corpse, character gets extracted.

Character dies, somehow. Character's eq/inv STAYS ON CHARACTER when
character gets extracted. Charcter no longer bitches to already overworked
imp about loss of eq, all is happy and joyous in CircleMUDland.

I've been able to keep the inv/eq from going into the corpse...and I've
been able to make the MUD think that the eq/inv is on the char (you type
'where dagger' or whatever and it says carried by whoever), but the eq/inv
stays empty for the character. Anyone ever been through this? Wanna let me
know where I'm making a tiny stupid error that's throwing off the entire
routine? :P

- Rich

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