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Date: 03/31/99

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Richard P. Bandura wrote:

> Ok, here's a little basic background and what I'm trying to do:
> Character dies, somehow. Can be PK, mobdeath, doesn't matter. Character's
> eq/inv gets transferred to the corpse, character gets extracted.
> Character dies, somehow. Character's eq/inv STAYS ON CHARACTER when
> character gets extracted. Charcter no longer bitches to already overworked
> imp about loss of eq, all is happy and joyous in CircleMUDland.
> I've been able to keep the inv/eq from going into the corpse...and I've
> been able to make the MUD think that the eq/inv is on the char (you type
> 'where dagger' or whatever and it says carried by whoever), but the eq/inv
> stays empty for the character. Anyone ever been through this? Wanna let me
> know where I'm making a tiny stupid error that's throwing off the entire
> routine? :P

What are you doing with the character after death?  If you're still
extracting them, and leaving other pointers intact, you're asking for
trouble.  One of the first things I did was change the death sequence to
send the player to a death room instead of dc'ing them. From there they
pray to get out via a spec_proc.  This would be the easy way to allow the
players to keep their eq, by modifying make_corpse() in fight.c (you
probably did that already)

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