Re: levels past 256

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/31/99

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>        I've only got two ideas, and neither is ideal; find some way to
>make zmud not recoginize incoming strings (insert invis meta-chars
>inbetween letters in a word?) - this would paralyze most of the clients
>usefulness.  Else, make a mud client myself, and perhaps offer in-mud
>bonuses to people who connect with said client (advantage to hit/damage,
>maybe have a rumor mill/hint tip line, perhaps auto-id of items that
>they've already id'ed, etc).  I guess this would be the more uhm..
>professional approach, but I'd be curious as to how this would measure up
>compared to longstanding clients.

Be creative and use random messages.  Eventually you'll have so many
different message that could pop up (including some 1% of the time message
to throw people off) that it'll either bog down an inefficient client or
cause people to miss message.  This will improve the appearance of the MUD
too as everything won't be so predictable.

Just one idea...

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