Re: [CODE] + Multiple max levels

From: Del Minturn (
Date: 03/31/99

I set up something similar to the PK code mentioned,
except I used it to keep eq and take the player to a room
that connects to thier home town temple. The player is
then left at 0hp to heal next turn. This way they cant just
go hit the mob immediately after.
Which kind of got me thinking about those who are
more advance at playing. I have a remort system
in which I should do a check for remorts and
outright kill them, but not the newbie characters.

On another note:
Has anyone worked on multiple max levels for mortals?
Meaning certain classes (or number of remorts) have a
different max obtainable level than other classes?
Like Base classes (war, cler, mu, thief) go to level
30 for max and other classes (remort or special classes)
go to max obtainable level of 40?

I have set this up and would like to get more ideas on
what I can do with it. Maybe catch some things I didn't
think about or what not.
All comments welcome.

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