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From: Richard P. Bandura (
Date: 03/31/99

At 07:35 PM 3/31/99 -0800, you wrote:
>It really depends upon game design and preference, but I don't think this
>is a good thing or will make for happy and joyous players.  This increases
>the ability to hoard.  Many times you're not killing player X for exp, but
>for their equipment.  Let's say we have a PKer going around killing
>Player A's friends.  The PKer wouldn't normally be able to do this if it
>weren't for the fact that he stumbled upon Super Duper Weapon.  So Player
>A goes through and manages to kill PKer, but just barely.  PKer repops
>magically with all his EQ, runs up, and hits Player A once, killing him
>and then resumes his killing spree.  Player A and friends get frustrated
>and bother the overworked imp about PKer.
I took a few suggestions from other imps, and managed to fix the
Char-loses-all-eq-and-bitches problem. Now when the char dies, he's
transported to a room called "Inside a Wooden Coffin" or some such, i
forget, as my WOM named it. (a note about this follows the body of the
mailing) He/she must remain in the coffin for a period of 5 minutes before
he/she is allowed to "dig" his/her way to the surface. This prevents your
PKer from running back and killing Player A. As for "super duper weapon"...
I've imp'd a tweak code, so the chances of finding a weapon that would give
a large advantage are minimal. I've also added roomflags for NOPK and PK,
so I've got certain areas where pk is allowed, it's not the whole mud.

>This is a bad idea, IMHO, for every type of game.  It simply devolves into
>power MUDding without any control mechanism.  I don't know what type of
>game you want to run, but I can almost guarantee this won't make it more

Hmmm, perhaps an object timer would be a good thing to add. Weapons and
such would crumble to dust after a period of time, thusly increasing the
value of the more powerful items?


K, code problem. As I said above, the char is trans'd from whatever room
to, let's say for the sake of keeping this simple, room #100. I've tried:

using the extern which i'd defined in config.c

char_to_room(ch, r_mort_death_room);

and I've tried

char_to_room(ch, 100);

As well as

char_to_room(ch, variable);

Granted I've been working on this straight for about 8 hours now and it's
beginning to get light out, but someone tell me wth i'm missing >:P~

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