Re: [SNIPPETS] New site...

From: Michael Lemler (
Date: 03/31/99

> Not many people know Perl, SQL, and HTML sufficiently enough to help me.
> I'm sure there are people who know more than I, but they're probably
> elsewhere. :)

Well, there are people who know the stuff, but the question is if they
know what a MUD is and if they have time.  I myself do tons of Perl work
and Administer everything from Oracle servers to Postgres SQL server
(data modle design, procedural languages(PL/SQL has pretty nasty
syntax,btw), and the SQL whatnot).  Most of that work gets tied to the web
because of it's popularity (duh).  Basicly, in a nut shell, you usually do
not get to see the light of day and when you do, you don't want to play
around with SQL and other database junk.  Perl is just fun any way you
look at it.

Most people I know how do database warhousing etc just don't wanna do it
in their spare time...


Off topic indeed...


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