Xapobjs Bug.

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 03/25/99

This bug was found by Randell Hodges who both located it, as well as found
a fix for it:

---- problem description ---
Hello, me again.  I found something interesting with XapObjects.  When the
unique bit is set on an item that has a vnum not equal to NOTHING, the
next time the person enters or what not, the item will have all the edesc
twice.  I can understand why because you use a read_obj and then of course
the creation of the edesc later because of the flag.  I have tried a few
things to prevent this but I in my mediocre coding state have not been
able to find one.  I'd like not to have to change the items vnum to
NOTHING just to get around this.  You have a simple solution that'll make
me look silly? :)

-------- problem solution ------
   /* we're clearing these for good luck */

    for (j = 0; j < MAX_OBJ_AFFECT; j++) {
     temp->affected[j].location = APPLY_NONE;
     temp->affected[j].modifier = 0;

/* You have to null out the extradescs when you're parsing a xap_obj.
   This is done right before the extradescs are read. */

    if (temp->ex_description) {
     temp->ex_description = NULL;

    for (k=j=zwei=0;!zwei && !feof(fl);) {
------- End solution ----------

        Thanks for the help in getting my patches up to spec :)

        Maybe this is why I was having so much problem with my oasis
interface with extradescs and nothing else.


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