[NEWBIE] Wizhelp and Godcommands parse

From: Michael Gesner (MeGesner@aol.com)
Date: 03/25/99

I have downloaded and integrated the god commands patch from the circlemud ftp
site.  As I have implemented this into the mud, I have found a few problems
with the wizhelp.

I would like to have the wizhelp dependent upon command flag rather than
level, so that only the commands available to you (as shown by which command
flags are active), would be displayed. What happens currently, is that the
wizard commands available to that level are displayed, even if the command
flag itself does not allow the user to use the command.

I was also considering having the wizhelp break into sections.

For example

If bob has the cmd flag OLC

Then when bob types wizhelp

redit  zedit  medit  sedit  etc...

Anyone experimented with this idea, or anyone have any suggestions as how to
attack this ?

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar
oberon.krans.com 7777

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