Re: [NEWBIE] Wizhelp and Godcommands parse

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 03/25/99

> I would like to have the wizhelp dependent upon command flag rather than
> level, so that only the commands available to you (as shown by which command
> flags are active), would be displayed. What happens currently, is that the
> wizard commands available to that level are displayed, even if the command
> flag itself does not allow the user to use the command.

My understanding of Tony's godcmd's snippet (which I've grown to love and
nurture :) is it can work two ways.  You can give a player the OLC flag,
and they get any commands with CMD_OLC flagged...

But, if there's a command that you wouldnt want a new builder to have
(say, load), then you'd set it up like:
{ "load", "load", POS_DEAD, do_olc, LVL_IMPL, SCMD_OLC, CMD_OLC },
Where LVL_IMPL is the level we're restricting things to...

It seems like you've got a faulty bit of code somewhere or
something...patch it into a stock CM (I think bpl12 was the one) and play
with it a bit and see how it works.  Hell, the first time I used it noone
had access to wizhelp because I failed to put 1 line of code somewhere :)

Dunno if this answers your question, but oh well...


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