Re: CircleMUD WTFaq

From: Del Minturn (
Date: 03/26/99


First thing I notice is the Thaco department, new people are going to be
downloading bpl15 and thaco is totally different.

Next, Step 5 does not exist anymore.


1. That sucker is WAY too long!
2. Why add in the instructions for classes if sparta is not in there?
   Dont confuse them more than needed.
3. Thaco's again are different. (if set for bpl11 or so, why put out a
   document that is referencing code that is well over a year or so old)
4. the section for titles, needs to match the current bpl.
5. Might be better to add in the IS_RANGER vice use the
6. Delete any object files from previous makes? Why waste time doing
   just means ALL files will have to be recompiled. not just ones

I'm not into races, so I will skip that part.

1. Lines are not wrapped. Shorten lines for those that use browsers or
   that do not wrap lines automatically.

I am not sure who wrote this, but it's way to long. There is too much
comentary at the beginning!
Give basic explanations, and get on with the coding. If there is two
types, then explain each one seperatly.

Missing, links and information on OLC, since it is one of the first
projects anyone does.

Add in any text you wish off the pages that I did (no link from my home page)
The OLC pages were developed by MC, you will have to email him on
permission to use those.

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