Re: Question

From: Michael Gesner (
Date: 03/28/99

::smiles:: I suppose I should offer an appology.
At one time, I was like this as well, asking my newbie style
questions, expecting an immediate answer...

No offense to any newbies out there (for I still consider myself one),
but the people on this mailing list actually do know what they are
talking about (believe it or not).  Read the FAQ, it will help you
and if it doesn't then may I suggest the following.

Enter the directory of your mud, remove all of the source code, and
grab a small C primer.  Learn C before you even attempt to hack at
the source code. It will help you, and all of us on the list.

As for the rest of you, I'm sorry for bringing some of my less admirable
questions forth.  I hope that my more estute questions will be answered
for I feel that I have grasped the source code of CircleMUD well.

Keep up the good work all,

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar 7777

PS: I'm also sending this as an appology for any stupid questions I decide to
ask in the future ;o)

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