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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 03/28/99

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, George Greer wrote:

> Can we at least have subtitles?  My Russian is non-existant.  While
> we're at it, I also vote for the Russian Reinhold Gliere.  He could do
> the soundtrack for the animation feature. Not sure how my girlfriend
> would react to ancient relatives visiting for dinner though...

Few people know this, but Lenin and Stalin make an outstanding comedic
team.  Their "Who's Purged First" routine is killer (literally).  I would
hate to disrupt their sub-celestial, sub-terranian, sub-subway tour, so I
think we ought to seek someone else.  Al Gore would be a real challenge to
animate.  But I think it'd require too much imagination on the audience's
part.  Marx is too busy with Harpo and Chico...

Okay, perfect!  Benito Mussolini: The Animated Feature.  (If I learned
anything from the Oscars, it's that Italians have a little bit of blood
running through their methanphetamine streams.)  And it's always been my
view that no ruthless dictator, fascist, etc. should be named "Benito" or
"Mussolini," much less "Benito Mussolini."  The only thing worse would be
if his name rhymed.  ("President Wally Hally met today with Mexican
President Marcello Cadello in what analysts describe as the most severe
head-butting of stupid names.  Ever.  Ralph Neider was overheard gasping
for air as the ancient and outspoken pseudo-politico succumbed to what
some believe to be his first fit of spontaneous laughter since God played
the 'kill-your-son' gag on Abraham.")

> Wonder if we should put EsounD support in CircleMUD?

Perhaps I'm not as visionary as you, but what purpose would this serve?

> (Wow, that's a tangent and a half.)

Non-coplanar tangent.

-dak : Alex stopped existing.  He's not Y2K compliant.

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