Re: [NEWBIE] Memory

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/30/99

> 3.) There's the eeeeeeeexppppeeeeeeeennnnnnssssiiiiiivee
>      debugger called 'Insure++'. It's a pretty cool program, but
>      also pretty expensive.
        And if you talk nice to them, and explain that your code project
is non-profit, and you're not human sleaze, most major coding tools can
come to you for free.

        I also forgot something else that's rather scary.. its called
lclint (pretty much lint for linux).  I think it took a while for me to
find the first time, so I've got an older version of it ..somewhere..
        There's the guide, the precompiled copy and of course, the source.

        Its basically like purify but a) for linux and b) free.


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