Re: was ... Ieditor now Romlama

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/30/99

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Michael Cunningham wrote:

>> One request, let me set up the site structure in a section of the
>> developer site (we'll see after massive www site reorg later) and then let
>> you make the modification yourself.  If you don't like the current
>> Slashdot-based code then I'm sure I can make some changes and even a
>> different "theme" type thing for the section.
>Hmm.. not really an sql guy + I would need any account to add passwords
>and manage accounts/files.

You won't need an account nor will you have to touch SQL, it's all

But, as I said, wait for the fabled WebSiteReorganization before
anything else.

There would be a limit of 32k per file though unless stored on disk which
is entirely possible.

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