was ... Ieditor now Romlama

From: Michael Cunningham (malice@exit109.com)
Date: 03/29/99

Since this was a private email discussion that became public..
what the heck I will respond publically..

In a totally unrelated private email to me where we were discussing
me and my partner writting a rom 2.4 area file converter to circle mud 3.0
format and possibly sharing those areas that are converted..
(public rom areas)...

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Del Minturn wrote:

> I had figured you were going to convert them for the circlemud
> community, since you stated something about your partner working on a
> converter.

Well.. actually if I start up a romlama for circle muds they will
probably be a good base to start with. Once circlerama or what it will
be called gets going then hopefully the rom areas will just suck in
comparision to some great original areas by circle builders.

These are romlama's rules which I would like to follow as well..
Of course all these rules would be changed to be circlemud oriented..
And the price of lifetime admission would be one original circle 3.0
area that is not in the public domain already. Of course just like
romlama you would be able to access all the other original areas
other members have submitted and they can access yours.. Basically
its a "you have to contribute to get something system"

Would people be interested in a service like this for circlemuds?
There are tons of circlemud code snippets but we basically suck
when it comes to sharing areas compared to the rom/merc community
IMHO. Heck in 1 hour of surfing I found over 100 publically avaliable
rom 2.4 area files...

(snip from romlama web page http://romlama.mudservices.com/ )

Requirements for using the ROMLama library are as follows:

    1.All licensing agreements on pieces of the mud must be followed.
       This includes, but is not limited to,
       all ROM licensing agreements and credits required by writers of
       code patches that you have used.  Note
       that implementors of non-ROM muds must follow the license agreement
       set forth by the author of their code
    2.One original ROM 2.4 compatible area (of at least 25 rooms AND 10
       kb) from the mud must be made available
       to the library.  This is how the library grows, and is the fairest
       means I have determined to get lots of
       areas to lots of people. We would prefer if you have multiple
       original areas that you contribute as many
       as are not too specific to your mud, but we require only one.
    3.You do not have to use every area in the library to have access to
       the library. Not every area contained
       will meet the thematic requirements of every mud.

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