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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/29/99

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Michael Cunningham wrote:

>In a totally unrelated private email to me where we were discussing
>me and my partner writting a rom 2.4 area file converter to circle mud 3.0
>format and possibly sharing those areas that are converted..
>(public rom areas)...

When you finish it, send it my way and I'll make it one of my supported MUD
file formats in my database parser project.  This would (in theory) allow
CircleMUD to load that file without prior conversion.

All depends on how different the formats are, but I don't forsee too much

>Well.. actually if I start up a romlama for circle muds they will
>probably be a good base to start with. Once circlerama or what it will be
>called gets going then hopefully the rom areas will just suck in
>comparision to some great original areas by circle builders.

One request, let me set up the site structure in a section of the
developer site (we'll see after massive www site reorg later) and then let
you make the modification yourself.  If you don't like the current
Slashdot-based code then I'm sure I can make some changes and even a
different "theme" type thing for the section.

If, however, you don't like that idea (but I must say SQL is lovely), then
at least consider a * hostname.  I think Jeremy said he
wanted to make more of those but you'll have to check with him on that for
the latest news.  I could be utterly wrong by now.

I often get tired of hunting through three dozen different sparse things
(sites or documents) looking for something.  That's why I'd like to at
least appear to be consolidating things.  That's why all of the new FTP
site uploads will (now that I fixed my script) appear as a news item on the (Ceramic Mouse) page.

>Would people be interested in a service like this for circlemuds?

I'm interested in at least not fracturing things. :)

That's why I offered sections on the developer site.  A follow-up note on
that is to wait until Jeremy finishes his promised web site reorganization.
We'll be sorting out what goes on developer, what goes on www, what
goes on LDP, and where things should go in the future[1].

And we'll have a community-run CircleMUD site listing page.  I whipped up a
basic login and change stuff shell in 3 hours[2] but that wasn't quite what
was in mind so there's something new under development.

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