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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/30/99

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>> This mud I'm working on has 300+ levels, but when I do a player wipe, we
>> con only get level 53 max...I'm thinking it's a problem of only being able
>> to advance 256 levels...any ideas?
>Take a gander at the type of the 'level' variable.  It's a signed char,
>meaning it has 8 bits.  2^8 = 256.

Which could be nitpicked by the anal, but I won't because I'm not.

>> Computer Science Major
>This just goes to illustrate that a major in CS does not mean you know
>how to program (not to say Shane doesn't know).  College CS courses, in
>my experience, teach more theory and algorithm than actual programming.
>Which isn't necessarily bad, as experience provides the rest of the

Argh! Tell me about it.  I'm so bored because I honestly have not found
anyone as proficient in computers as myself that isn't at least 50% older
than I am. Granted this is only a branch campus of the main University but
I would have expected as least some of the Computer Science or Systems
Analysis (more programming focus) to be as interested.  So I am in the odd
position of wishing I had someone better than myself to talk with whereas
many other people are quite happy to be the "best" in the area. I'm not
boasting, I'm honest here, I'm tired of answering why C++ programs crash or
don't work for obvious reasons!

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