Re: NEWBIE: Patching Problems

From: Tom Dailey (
Date: 04/01/99

I think that I can even handle this message.

Go through the patch with an editor i.e., notepad, vi, emacs, etc., and
copy and paste the code into the appropriate files.  The patch will
tell you where to paste the code by line number.  But do not go on that
alone.  You might use "find" or "grep" to find a specific word or phrase
to narrow down anything that is hard to find in the code.  Otherwise,
your best bet is to find a coder, or someone who knows how to use notepad
or vi.  Or finally, you might just give up, go into dos, type fdisk, because
if you
don't know how to cut/paste by now, then how the hell did you even figure
how to use email? (I think that's how Lenin would have responded?)

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From: Ryan Kahn <>
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Date: Thursday, April 01, 1999 6:52 PM
Subject:  NEWBIE: Patching Problems

>I have found out a lot of the older patches that always worked on the
>bpl11 and bpl12 releases do not work on the bpl15..  I cannot get the
>OasisOLC patch to work, for one.. and that is a patch I really need. I
>have no clue on how to manually install a patch. Can someone please help
>me out?
>            Ryan Kahn
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