Re: Major CircleMUD Announcement!

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/01/99

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Del Minturn wrote:

>Where's the beaf?! I mean was there an OBCIRCLE in there?

I was on the floor long enough to not care about an ObCircle, personally.

I'm sure Daniel will have a large ObCircle having to do with a scripting
language sometime in the future.  So if you wait and don't bug him, you'll
be rewarded for patience.

My ObCircle is that I have had little time in the past week (and probably
next week) to do much of anything on any projects.  OasisOLC v1.7 is on
hold pending a bpl15 DG pl6 patch, and if it already exists let me know.
The Database Parser has a partially abstracted SQL format (along with
typical 'struct' used now) that should be usable as an SQL Driver <->
Database Parser layer.  OasisOLC v2.0 is in the "everything implemented and
sort of working but you will crash eventually" stage at the moment.  I'm
cutting a few things I wanted to get done short so I can get it finished
earlier.  Should be neat.  No, I haven't updated the copy on my beta stuff
web directory on yet.  Wait until Saturday for that.

It's 12:53, April 2nd, 1999, so you can believe the above. Right?

George Greer

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