Major CircleMUD Announcement!

From: Alex (
Date: 04/01/99

It has come down through the wire this morning that CircleMUD Development
has ceased, and will no longer be available to the public as of noon PST
today.  Jeremy Elson, the creator and chief-developer of CircleMUD stated
late last night at a press conference held at the Johns Hopkins University
Press Center that he was "proud of this beast that we've created and
unleashed on the world", but that he was "disappointed with the general
state of the CircleMUD community and their lack of belief in Lenin."

George Greer, an associate developer, expressed the belief that "with
more people subserviant to the grand powers of Lenin, CircleMUD would
have eventually taken over the position of most popular base mud type,
surpassing even ROM and Smaug!"

In accordance with the news, Alex Fletcher, FAQ and Mailing List
maintainer announced that all traffic on the CircleMUD Mailing List
would come to an end on April 3rd, 1999 at approximately 11am.  "This
is a sad day for the mudding and software communities, whenever a major
open source project folds, it has implications far beyond the
imagination," he expressed, adding that he was planning to spend his
new-found free time examining the meaning of the religious stories in
Babylon 5.

-- with files from AP, Jeremy Elson, and Alex Fletcher.

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