Re: [Coding] A new look

From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 04/02/99

Look into ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity).  Just get rid of all the nice
perl DBI stuff and convert everything to the unbelievably open standard of
ODBC (you can get drivers and support for nearly any platform you can run
on a system constructed since the early 80s..)
I have, but its horribly slow, so all applications we make at our firm is
native, because ODBC cannot give us enough speed to serve large resultsets,
speed in communications and so on, its a standard that works, but its very

The best way of doing it is the way George is allready doing it, native
driver support, and i hope you've organized the code so its easy to add new
driver support *hint* :), btw if you have time George, can you look on the
free Sybase ASE server for linux, its great stuff, for those windows freaks,
its allmost the same as MS SQL 6.5. Btw Sybase Anyware is allso coming, that
might be worth a look at aswell, since it supports several platforms.

Laters, Happy eastern and for you George happy db hunting, I  would help you
if i could, but i dont have db experience in C, only ASP, PB, Java and a
couple of other languages.


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