[Coding] A new look

From: Robert Alexander Rossow (rrossow1@purdue.edu)
Date: 04/01/99

I have been taking a database class and was thinking it would be easier
to keep track of players, mobs, objs,
and other things. This would also open a new door for olc because if you
can link oracle or something like that to a mud. (i think it can be
done, then again i am not that good of a coder.) adding a zone would be
as easy as adding something to a database table and updating objects
would be a snap. also editing the p file, (not a lot of us do this a lot
because it normally requires a p wipe or put the p file through a
converter.) it would be as easy as adding another column to a table.
just something to think about. i'll probably draw up an ERD and post it
somewhere on the net to see what you all think of it.


To call me crazy is an understatement. -Me.

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