Re: [Coding] A new look

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/02/99

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Christian Loth wrote:

>There's a commercial solution out there that I am using for my job
>but it's very expensive, so I think it's usefulness for CircleMUD is
>nonexsitant. But still for completeness, check out:
> ... their multi-tier model.

Checked lately?

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"Prior to this release there had been a lot of confusion surrounding the
licensing of the iODBC Driver Manager component, the end result being
stunted development and deployment of ODBC compliant applications outside
of the WIN32 platform", said Kingsley Idehen, President & CEO, OpenLink
Software Inc. "Now that iODBC is licensed under GNU's Library General
Public License scheme, we can realistically expect an explosion of cross
platform iODBC & ODBC compliant applications, especially in the Internet
space". He added.

IODBC Driver Manager v2.50 is available for immediate download from
OpenLink Software, Inc.'s iODBC Software Download URL:
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Or am I missing something besides any $ whatsoever?

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