Re: [Coding] A new look

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/02/99

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Klaus Myrseth wrote:

>Look into ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity).  Just get rid of all the
>nice perl DBI stuff and convert everything to the unbelievably open
>standard of ODBC (you can get drivers and support for nearly any platform
>you can run on a system constructed since the early 80s..)

The database parser isn't written in Perl, it's C & glib (though only a
weak dependency on glib currently). and are written in Perl with DBI

>I have, but its horribly slow, so all applications we make at our firm is
>native, because ODBC cannot give us enough speed to serve large
>resultsets, speed in communications and so on, its a standard that works,
>but its very slow.

MUDs are typically compute-lazy memory-hogs anyway.

>The best way of doing it is the way George is allready doing it, native
>driver support, and i hope you've organized the code so its easy to add new
>driver support *hint* :)

db_t *world = db_create("mysql");

Yeah, should be easy.

>btw if you have time George, can you look on the free Sybase ASE server
>for linux, its great stuff, for those windows freaks, its allmost the
>same as MS SQL 6.5. Btw Sybase Anyware is allso coming, that might be
>worth a look at aswell, since it supports several platforms.

I'll probably get the free Sybase (since you mentioned) and IBM DB2 (last I
checked it was free for Linux, will need to recheck though) for proof of
implementation.  I already have PostgreSQL on this Redhat machine.

>Laters, Happy eastern and for you George happy db hunting, I  would help you
>if i could, but i dont have db experience in C, only ASP, PB, Java and a
>couple of other languages.

I'm at the point where I don't think other people can really help anyway.
There are still pretty hefty design issues to work out.

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