Database use in CircleMUD (was Re: [Code] Native Database Driver)Support

From: Anil Mahajan (amahajan@PROXICOM.COM)
Date: 04/02/99

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999 12:03:17 -0500, Michael Lemler <> wrote:

>To include a bunch of native database driver support for the mud would be
>insane.  Each one usually has it's own API, so each line of code you
>generate has to be proprietary to the database system.. unless you write
>your own preprossesor.  Future exapandablity is also hurt, simply slapping

   This is somewhat true.  Right now my MUD works with SOLID db.  I may
switch over to Oracle.  Which means re-writing my database library.
But, this isn't really that much code to re-write.  SQL is transparent
from database to database, for the most part.  Sometimes table creation
differents (int or number(), etc. etc.) but basic SQL remains the same.

>everything is going).  ODBC is fast enough to do what MUD design had in
>mind.  ODBC is fast enough for enterprise wide applications.  I just don't

   On the note of speed and ODBC.  Many people will be surprised by how
_slow_ databases are when linked into the MUD.  I almost scrapped all
of my work when I had just put in my database code.
   The MUD works in .1 second increments.  That's not much time to transmit
data to and from a database, espetially if you do this as they are currently
done (in mass every few minutes).  It's also slow if you do things instantly,
as I do things now.
   The way i sped things up is to create 2 database controlled threads
and have those threads do all update/delete/insert statements.  This is
good because it's fast and transparent.  It does prevent you from catching
errors in your functions that do the SQL.
   As for select statements, I had to do some other crazy stuff with threading.
   It's doable, but you've gotta do a lot to make it transparent.

- Anil


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