Re: Database use in CircleMUD (was Re: [Code] Native Database Driver)Support

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/02/99

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Anil Mahajan wrote:

>   On the note of speed and ODBC.  Many people will be surprised by how
>_slow_ databases are when linked into the MUD.  I almost scrapped all
>of my work when I had just put in my database code.

All depends on how you design the tables too.

>   The MUD works in .1 second increments.  That's not much time to transmit
>data to and from a database, espetially if you do this as they are currently
>done (in mass every few minutes).  It's also slow if you do things instantly,
>as I do things now.

The parallelism for one thread per player would be very nicethough.

However, I'm not limiting the database to just SQL, it'll do arrays, hash
tables, and binary trees too.  All at the same time too.  You can have
multiple worlds each with a different database backing and each of the
rooms, mobs, objects, etc lists in each database can be different too.  I
can do that without extra complexity due to the way I've designed the
system.  Saving will be interesting though. ;)

'void *' is cool.

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