Re: [Code] Native Database Driver Support

From: Michael Lemler (
Date: 04/03/99

> >> All of the SQL-like databases should be able to share the same upper level
> >> database if no extensions are used.
> >
> >True, key based model == key based model.  Beauty of realtions ;)
> However, the "no extensions" part may give people headaches. :)

Yeah, but that is where vim and gcc come into play.. ;)  If it doesn't do
it, find a way to make it.  That should be more up to the end mud admin
and not you, imo.

> I figure I'll get two working (MySQL / ODBC, it now appears) and then
> finish the rest of the code up.  The extra databases would be a secondary
> issue because the way I want it setup is that other people can easily write
> new modules.

Good call.  BTW, are you loading the information from the database at boot
or are you loading database information when need be (i.e. player is
entering the zone)?  If it's on boot, I side with one of the other poster
their stop whining attitude ;)  There usually always is a chance to speed
stuff up anyway, depending on OS and compiler.  Every box I have is a
Linux 2.2.X box with EGCS and a pentium optimisation wrapper.  Is that
just geeky or what ;)

All in all I think this is a very interesting approach to the mud.  I
would not, my self, use it unless it loaded all the information upon boot,
or the entire system was changed from it's one proccess to a series of
processes communicating with each other.  Much like a distributed system.
(be nice to see a GNU/HURD port if Debian would ever make a distribution)
It would probably be more complicated to design, but the architecture
would be very nice.

This will prolly be my last post on this.  George looks like he has
everything under control.  I eagerly await to see what comes of it.

Sleep is now required.


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