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From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@ao.net)
Date: 04/03/99

My apologies. I have located the up to date archives.
(Which means there were only 2 valid questions in the last email).

My apologies for that mental vapor lock.


From an administrative/society point of view, I'd be interested in
hearing how some of you here have dealt with Player Killing, and
integrating it into your mud's society.

PK has always been a two edged sword for me. It is natural, it's
a viable answer to someone giving you flack, and it's a normal
response in a game where the biggest part of it is combat.

On the other hand, it only takes a few people who decide to
kill anyone, for no reason, that can ruin the fun for others.

An at-will PK system has it's drawbacks, because people who
DON'T go PK, can still have the attitude, and do their best
to piss people off with in the frame work of the game.

We have a PK system tied to our clans, and a more overall PK
system.  I consider it all to be at-will, and it works well
about 90% of the time.

How have you guys handled it, and how has it worked out for you?

Ghost Shaidan
Implementor of Questionable Sanity
qs.mudservices.com 4000

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