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From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@ao.net)
Date: 04/03/99

Hello all.

I have 2 questions for this esteemed forum:

1. What is the site for the update listed archives.  I checked the FAQ,
   but I don't see a link off of that, just the ones that end in june
   or whatever.

2. Recently patched in dgscripts to our development port, but we use
   obuild, not oasis. Project for this weekend is to integrate them
   but I was wondering if anyone had, and could give me some advice
   or pointers on what to do/not do.

   Also (eek, 3 questions not 2):  I understood that the improved
   board editor (ending with /s, not @, etc) was a part of the
   dgscripts patch, but I don't seem to have that, after patching
   it.  Did I misread that, or did I miss something.

Thanks for your time.

Ghost Shaidan
Implementor of Questionable Sanity
qs.mudservices.com 4000

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