Re: Obuild | DG Scripts

From: Del Minturn (
Date: 04/03/99

Ghost Shaidan wrote:
> 2. Recently patched in dgscripts to our development port, but we use
>    obuild, not oasis. Project for this weekend is to integrate them
>    but I was wondering if anyone had, and could give me some advice
>    or pointers on what to do/not do.

If you want both in there, it is simple as patching them. The ONLY thing
you have to watch out for is the command names. Both oasis and obuild
use redit, zedit, oedit, medit... Change the commands of one set.
I found that using both will confuse everyone, and do not recommend it.
I would stick with Oasis or Obuild but not both. You can however, pull
some commands that are useful from one or the other! Which is what I did
on my second developement build.
Good luck.

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