[NEWBIE][SYSTEM]Help me please...

From: Allen Parish (allen.parish@virgin.net)
Date: 04/03/99

Hi all,

Will CircleMUD v3.0 patch15 run under Windows 98 with Cygwin32?

If so, how...because I am pulling my hair out here, I just can't get it to

I have tried to follow the instructions that came with Cygwin32 and they
don't work!  It tells me to type mkdir -p /bin and it says /bin doesn't
exist!!!  Does that make sense!

Then I tried following CircleMUD's own instructions for Using Cygnus
GNU-Win32 and that doesn't work.  When I type ./configure it says it doesn't

Then I tried a message that was on the Circle archive, which included a
patch and an updated copy of conf.h, but that STILL didn't work!!!

I am going to kill myself soon.

Please help me.


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