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From: Bo Young (
Date: 04/04/99

I'm Sure that everyone is tired of seeing Cygnus questions posted here , I
know I am @ least.
Just 2 weeks ago I posted a screen copy of everything that was performed
upon installation of
a *FRESH* copy of bpl15 onto a Windoze98 system w/ Cygnus B20 . If anyone
would like it
 I will Direct mail it to you instead of flooding everyone else's inboxes w/
redundant issues or
follow this link
 These Cynus questions should be posted on the newbie mailing list or
actually if
anyone bothered to read past list postings they would find the answer to
their qustions .

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>On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Sean Tindall wrote:
>It's faster to install RedHat Linux than it is to ask the question and wait
>for the answer.
>Typical RedHat installation should be about 20 minutes or so if you accept
>the defaults and don't pick every single package you want by hand like I
>Then again, I think everyone should start out with Slackware Linux until
>they know what they're doing, then install RedHat.  But that's just me.
>That and it gets a little tiring to see constant problems with Cygnus.
>Probably more questions about it than all the other platforms together.
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