VId: Changing of the VNums

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 04/04/99

Inspired by MUD++, I have been considering changing the existing system
from VNums to VIds - Virtual IDs.

The basis is that instead of having a Zone Number with 100 numbers each,
you have a Zone IDName (keyword) and 256, 65535, or 4bil nums each
(optimally, 64k each: 16 bit ZoneID, 16 bit Num).  Essentially, vnums
would be like: simplex:1 instead of 1201, limbo:0 instead of 0, etc...
thus you could categorize also, and cut down on excessively large vnums
(anyone ever hate assigning zones up in the 300s?  Working with 5-digit

I'm not proposing this for Circle 3, or for Circle 4 (tho I might
recommend it); I'm simply asking opinions.  It is in a way more
"intensive" than vnums; however, if you use RNums, you really have
nothing to worry about then as far as speed losses - it would be minimal.

- Chris Jacobson

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