[NEWBIE] Mob Load HPs

From: Phillip A Ames (kirk47@juno.com)
Date: 04/04/99

Heya all, sorry if this is a bit newbie but I just can't seem to figure
this out.  When a mob is loaded, its HP is calculated based on the xdy+z
bit in the mob file, right?  Well, I'm interested in changing how it
calculates it, but I've been unable to find where the hell it's stored in
a structure, or even if it IS stored.  This is the closest thing I've
been able to find that looks like it does anything....  The way I'm
reading that, if the mobs maxhit is 0(set in parse_mobile) then do a
random diceroll with the size being its mana, and the number being its
hitpoints..  But why is it doing that?  Why isn't it using the xdy+z as
in the mob file?  This has been screwing me up royally when I've been
trying to write my balance documentation...  Any suggestions on what I
should do, such as put an int num_hp_dice and size_hp_dice in the mob
struct and use that?

  if (!mob->points.max_hit) {
    mob->points.max_hit = dice(mob->points.hit, mob->points.mana) +
  } else
    mob->points.max_hit = number(mob->points.hit, mob->points.mana);

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