Re: vt100 editor

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 04/05/99

On 4/4/99 11:35 PM, Michael Cunningham ( stated:

>A long time ago I saw a mud that had a vt100 based editing system
>that allowed someone to use the arrow keys..etc to edit things.
>I know the key to this is to put that specific telnet client temporarly
>in char by char mode, but how would one do this? Has anyone else
>seen or implemented a editor like this? I would be really nice to have
>a pico or vi type editor for making zones..etc.. Any ideas? thoughts?
>Its been about 4 years since I saw this thing.. so my memory is kinda
>flaky on the details of his system, but basically it acted like pico.

MUD++ (theres a link to it from has a patch that adds a
PICO-like editor (Actually I think it interfaces directly with Pico).

- Chris Jacobson

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