couple of things

Date: 04/05/99

I have a couple of things on my mind.

1: There was a question about player killing that I didnt see answered,
and so I would like to stick in my oar. Is it possible to make like a PK
guild where PCs who decide to be player killers only PKed with other
playerkillers, is this a disadvantage?

2: There is a programme in the win95 contribs called Shadowsoft World
Editor. a program I use all the time and can recommend (sort of)
I have installed it twice on my machine and once on a friends machine.
In all cases it trashed the registers (win 95 \ 98). I have had a lot of pleasure
and use for these programmes but please beware of these installing problems.  and better still if somebody could fix them. (sorry I dont know how)
as they are packed in a way I cannot open.

Neal Robinson

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