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Date: 04/05/99

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<< 1: There was a question about player killing that I didnt see answered,
 and so I would like to stick in my oar. Is it possible to make like a PK
 guild where PCs who decide to be player killers only PKed with other
 playerkillers, is this a disadvantage? >>

Of course it's possible... and I run a system like it on TimeTraveller.
Basically, players can buy/solve a puzzle, etc..whatever you want to do, to
get a (PK) flag... they can kill other players with this PK flag within a 15
level range from them.'s really simple to code.  Make the
flag, then put in a bunch of checks to allow players to do damage to
eachother who are flagged PK and within the lvl range.  Also, I posted a few
days ago the list for an artifical kill... having a player who's killed by
another teleported to the mortal_start_room and restored... check out that
code to prevent corpse looting on PvP kills.

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