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Date: 04/07/99

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Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 3:00 AM
Subject:  couple of things

>1: There was a question about player killing that I didnt see answered,
>and so I would like to stick in my oar. Is it possible to make like a PK
>guild where PCs who decide to be player killers only PKed with other
>playerkillers, is this a disadvantage?

Ya its very possible.  I wanted mine setup so that players could be peaceful
and only kill mobs or they could kill players, but only other players who
were down with the PK.  To pull this off I created a PRF flag called war
that for test purposes could be toggled on and off.  Then I modified the
apropriate places, mostly in fight.c and I beleive one other place where all
the magic stuff is called, so that before it marks someone as a player
killer it checks to see if BOTH fighters are marked with the war flag.  If
they both are then it allows the standard kill command to be used, if not it
requires the attacker to use the murder command.  I still have quite some
wayz to go with this setup as far as how it will be IMPed and I know there
is still afew more things to work out as far as checks, but for a rough cut
this ain't too bad.  One thing I will point out though is that if you let
your players turn off and on their flag (if thats how you do it) at will you
will run into some abuse with it.  I've already seen where two fighters will
be marked for war, but once a player attacks another the attacker will turn
off their flag so that the responding hit will mark their prey as a PKiller
which will then allow them to kill marked person easily...  Then again this
all depends on what rulez you lay down for the PKing too..  Oh wellz I hope
this helps ya out.  Laterz.
-Smillie, IMP
Maximum Carnage 6669

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