[CODE] crash bug.

From: Chris Hawkins (chawkins@connectu.net)
Date: 04/07/99

Ok, I'll post this a second time.

I am running Circle3.0bpl14, with OLC+ installed.

There are 3 known mobs on my mud that cause the following problem:

Upon death of a mortal they have killed, their attack type variable (which
is normally TYPE_UNDEFINED = -1)
jumps to an insanely high number.  This only occurs if the mob kills a mort,
mob vs. mob, there is no problem
at all.  We have spent more time in GDB on this bug than we have on any
other bug, and can trace it to
no direct cause at all....a total of 9 experienced coders have looked at it
now, with no result.

If anyone has any idea as to what might cause this, please reply.

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