Re: [CODE] crash bug.

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 04/07/99

On 3/2/99 4:34 AM, Chris Hawkins ( stated:

>Upon death of a mortal they have killed, their attack type variable (which
>is normally TYPE_UNDEFINED = -1)
>jumps to an insanely high number.  This only occurs if the mob kills a mort,
>mob vs. mob, there is no problem
>at all.  We have spent more time in GDB on this bug than we have on any
>other bug, and can trace it to
>no direct cause at all....a total of 9 experienced coders have looked at it
>now, with no result.

Might be an overlooked = that should have been ==, or memory
overwriting... step through the death procedure and keep checking for
changes to the attack type.

- Chris Jacobson

PS. Fix your system time, you a month and 2 days off.

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