Re: [IDEAS] Body part combat!

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/07/99

> I was thinking about changing combat to include body parts.
> I would like some input on how to go about this though, like i don't
> really want to replace the current hitpoint system but spreading the
> hitpoints out over the bodyparts dosn't seem like a good way either.
> Anyone done this have some good advice on this baby??

        I thought about this a while too, and in the end, I settled on a
system which is refered to as 'the rule of nines' - from dungeons and
        The rule of nines goes something like this:  The head is 1/9, each
arm is 1/9, the legs 2/9 each,  the torso is 2/9 and the remaining 1/9 is
the groin (or if you'd like, the whole torso is 3/9).

        The amount of damage any single member could take was determined
by the rules of nines vs. the total hitpoints.  Also used for when things
were removed - total hit points down by 1/9, etc.  Also for weight -
though that may not be as important (unless you allow people to reattach

        This system also determined where a character would be struck when
hit with a weapon.  Since I didn't want to have to go through the trouble
of parts being removed/replaced/etc, I just decided that loss of hitpoints
for any one area would result in penalties appropiate to that:

        Head: -2 to hit (vision blurred)
        arms: -3 to hit/shield does not work (depends on arm)
        Legs: half/full loss of dex ac advantage, increased movement cost
        torso: hitregen rate slower, unable to swim,climb, other active skills

        You'd have to have them fixed with certain spells, or failing
that, by using potions.  But I never did put this in any mud - mostly
because of balance reasons.  It's nearly fatal to new characters, and
constantly annoying, but not really affecting high-level characters.
While realistic, the amount of effort required, and the amount of
attention required by players made this a poor option.

        In the end, I wrote up a snippet called - i think - make fun body
parts.  It has like a 1/5 or so chance of creating an object upon death,
that 'looks' like a body piece from the deceased being.  I was happy, and
so were my players.


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