[IDEAS] Basic Builds

From: QA Developer (developer@csgmail.artisoft.com)
Date: 04/08/99


I had a request from a couple of different people and thought it would be a
great idea.

Can we post a version of  bpl15 already patched with OasisOLC.  This seems
to be the most common configuration to start with.  One person also asked
if I could help them patch bpl15, OasisOLC, and xapobjs.

I think if we posted these 2 basic configurations, a lot of newbie
programmers would be saved much heartache and start them on the right foot.

Do we have someone that can do this or willing to do this?

Any reason we shouldn't?

If no one else wants to, I can probably patch it together in the next
couple of weeks (when I get back from vacation).

Since I will be away, I wanted to pass on the request to the community
at-large and see what kind of help they can get.

I, personally, think its a great idea.  It would have saved me several
hours patching and fixing rej files.

Thanks for your time.


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