Re: [IDEAS] Basic Builds

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/08/99

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, QA Developer wrote:

>Can we post a version of  bpl15 already patched with OasisOLC.

Of course you can.

>This seems to be the most common configuration to start with.  One person
>also asked if I could help them patch bpl15, OasisOLC, and xapobjs.

It's better to leave them as patches or you'd end up with a large number of
combinations to support.

>I think if we posted these 2 basic configurations, a lot of newbie
>programmers would be saved much heartache and start them on the right foot.

Isn't heartache the point of a MUD?

>Do we have someone that can do this or willing to do this?

Possibly someone may, but not me, and I doubt they'll keep it up forever.

>Any reason we shouldn't?

Waste of time for the person making the server, in my opinion.  It puts the
coding expertise on the wrong side of the download cycle.

>I, personally, think its a great idea.  It would have saved me several
>hours patching and fixing rej files.

Which is a great way to become familiar with the code.

I won't stop you, nor could I, but I do believe it's a waste of time beyond
a single small patch or so. I'm having a hell time trying to get my
half-bpl12-half-bpl13 OasisOLC 2.0 code upgraded to bpl15.  The Zlib patch
was pretty trivial and I made the pre-patched server on a whim.  I'll
probably also make a pre-patched Oasis one, but I won't do Oasis+zlib sort
of things.

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